Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chip PC industry suppliers and the Evolution of two-man

Intel, AMD lively "two-man" show, the CPU speed and PC hardware configuration molded into almost the only standard, which the PC industry coerced into homogeneity, price wars in precarious danger. The face of 3G, and 3C integration environment, PC should start from the pure pursuit of speed quickly, to change the content to provide value-added applications

PC industry's original sin from the "Intel Inside" began.

In 1991, in order to make their own products (Intel386) and competitors (AMD386) distinction, Intel launched the "Intel Inside" program.

The plan over the PC manufacturers, chip suppliers will be front-end push to the end consumer brand before, seemed at the time, controversial. This is undoubtedly the case of marketing in the history of one of the most successful. According to statistics, Intel's less than 100 billion dollars through advertising and cultivate the value of 36 billion U.S. dollars of the world's fifth largest brand. This is from the company point of view.

From the industry perspective, the Intel move, intentionally or unintentionally, will pull the PC industry, a closed and narrow path of development. It now appears that the future is full of danger and even.

From the "Intel inside" to Intel, AMD "double reed"

"Intel inside" the direct consequence of the plan, by the Intel brand to end users, making the CPU (central processing unit) products for consumers when choosing the most important or the only indicator - and not the computer brand. Thus, the speed of worship and superstitious doctrines as if through a passion overflowing PC industry, and this is just pure faith chip suppliers continuously stimulated innovation, to make new profits.

"X86", the Intel promptly launched a "Pentium" series (also called "586"); then, "Centrino" hot baked; then, is this speculation clamor of the "Core" platform - It is reported that this year's "Core 2 Duo "The advertising budget of 2.5 billion alone.

At the same time, AMD also join the fray high profile, "Opteron", "Athlon", "Sempron" processor, a concept of an immediate, intensive thrown.

This is not enough. The two chip giants and even a low-profile technology vendors to change the image, the first time ever away from the "entertainment line" - AMD while signing, "Xu blog", while another blending "Happy Camp", and Intel's "dual-core" "the Mouth" is preventing the market as a whole "I'm crazy for the dual-core."

Here, one should reflect that wild speculation by vendors of these high-tech concepts really "market application", or simply the design of industrial businesses trap; the other hand, it should be recognized that this speed upgrade and the "true and false dual-core" controversy caused by the objective result is still that the consumer obsession with speed was constantly provoked, Intel and AMD launched a new product market success.

Speed of PC industry crisis caused Worship

The entire PC industry impact?

Vertical view, "the duopoly competition" coerced user propensity to consume, forcing manufacturers rising procurement costs, the adoption of a new generation of chip, chip suppliers, and none other by cutting prices, "passive" clean up the old generation of chip configuration inventory.

Lateral view, as the worship of the hardware performance, PC interpreted into "CPU + feature configuration," a simple box, the product naturally fall into the quagmire of homogenization. Next, competition among vendors, the performance of a single bound, vicious price war, price war which they would ultimately hurt the entire industry chain of abnormal development.

As part reunification, PC manufacturers to achieve the lowest price, the only way out is to compress the industry chain part of the cost. In accordance with this principle, the Dell model may be known to reflect the extreme. Can not avoid the situation is that: in business and competitive pressures, some PC makers, "non-normal Chengben compression" will result in product quality and service quality decline, thus affecting the interests of consumers; because the whole industry chain of overflow Lirun limited, downstream channel, and promotion, active or passive processes may exit the market, leading to the collapse of the industrial chain; or will You part competition is less of PC Chang Shang Bei Qing Li out.

The industrial restructuring that may result should be that surprising, it is the manufacturing industry to a certain stage the inevitable result.

However, need to see that in the whole industry chain, despite the lower value Zhengti overflow, chip supplier's benefits Shi Zhong, "actively", "independent manner" could be guaranteed - Tamenyoufa the industry Biangeng, was able to withdraw Shi outside.

More important, Is not PC industry's ultimate destination? - Chip supplier to the speed of a single faith, are drawing the PC industry, step by step into a dead end!

PC industry, application-oriented

Initial stage of industrialization, technology and consumer behavior on the market, perhaps in the form guide, and now, the market has changed.

PC is just the beginning of high-speed computing tools for research, then through a very small number of high-tech giants, has gradually penetrated into business, and finally into the consumer market, the completion of high-tech products to consumer goods from the transition.

It is the characteristics of consumer goods to stimulate the PC industry, speeding development, unfortunately, changes in market characteristics and to measure the synchronization did not bring change.

PC as a consumer to enter market segments, the evaluation criteria should be advocating individuality, focus on value-added application, not across the board in the CPU speed and configuration.

Now, with "BlackBerry" mobile phone (which can provide a powerful e-mail service), smart phone (direct access to the Internet), video phones and other erosion, has been on the slow PC market, a threat, and with the advent of 3G This threat may be growing. PC is irreplaceable will continue to be challenged.

Next, 3C integration against the background of the industry, PC only meaning is: with mobile phones, TV, as one integrated information receiving terminal.

Alternative, or be replaced? This is the PC industry needs to think about.

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